Thursday, March 15, 2012

ASYI Bottom Feeder Rocket

Aisystems, Inc. (ASYI) A stock currently on the bottom of the chart, looks to make an upside move. Recently did a LOI with Birthday Slam that was so suppose to be completed back in January of 2012. Currently trading at $0.0013 ASYI sare structure: OS: 162.72M Float: 126.19M

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

KMAG Moving Into Penny Land

KMAG closed friday at $0.0018, up 100% on over 300M shares traded. By far the largest volume day in the history of this stock. I am looking for this stock to move over the 50 MDA of $0.014 within the next week. This is an exciting company with so much going for itself. Financials are expected, along with the delivery of several orders to clients this first quarter of 2012.

There's a strong possibility of news this week which will confirm the massive volume we have seen the past 10 days and most of all Friday's volume. KMAG sure seems to be the ticket to richness. I expect a short term target of $0.10 on this stock.
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Recent News: Latest News in January Stated Quote:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once the system and tags have successfully completed the Beta phase we expect to receive annual revenue in year one to be in excess of $5 million dollars. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We could be seeing insiders loading up today with this huge volume ahead of news or an update to those projections.


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