Sunday, July 21, 2013

CLNO continue its March

A beautiful chart for CLO, steer step towards the sky. Could it run to a penny, what drives her? No one knows for sure but the chart says there's much room left to run. I am a buyer this coming week, was hoping for a pullback but I am a bit late to the party, but never too late. I am ready to party with CLNO.

DIGX could very well be the next clno.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stocks About To Breakout!

If you are in the market for stocks on the brink of running wild you have come to the right place. Here are three stocks which are about to run per the chart. SOFN @ .0005, CPSZ @ .012 & DIGX @ .001 are three monsters, enjoy the run, they will all run over .03 per share. I got into CPSZ at .001 and it ran to .02 about 2 weeks ago before the pullback. I did not sell because I know it has so much more room to run. I am expecting ten cents or better from CPSZ. SOFN is a sleeping giant about to wake up, all it needs is volume to move.. Golden cross is about to form here and it will be the catalyst that pushes this stock along with DIGX which is currently trading around .001. Stay focus and watch for volume on SOFN and DIGX. They will run shortly. DIGX has a new owner and officers, expect to see news soon announcing such events and future plans for this company. CPSZ supposedly merging with another company in the near future. Look for more volume and financials to be released within the next two weeks.

Monday, June 10, 2013

CPSZ @ $0.0158 Is On The Move

CPSZ is a wonderful stock that's growing a real business all over the country. Just what is CPSZ? CPSZ is CPSZ? The prepaid card is about to tackle one of the more challenging issues for prison re-entry. Continental Prison Systems (CPSZ:PK) , a $4.6 million start up in California, offers a banking system for inmates. They call it the E-Z Card & Kiosk. The company installs kiosks inside state prisons and then issue debit cards to inmates. They refer to the system as the "cashless jail." Prisons and their prisoners face some unique challenges. It costs a lot of money for prisons to write checks. According to CPSZ, it can cost as much as $17 per check. Hard to believe, but then again, who's counting? It is easier to see why a debit card would help prisoners. Even though prisoners can live without cash, many do earn wages while in prison. There are generally two tiers of employment. Some prisoners work for the state. In those cases, they might earn one to three dollars per day. Prisoners in work release are generally able to earn wages at the same level as any other worker. There is a caveat, though. Many prisons choose to charge rent and board for people that can get a work-release job. They are also likely to have to pay for private transport. At one prison in North Carolina, prisoners pay about $15 each way every day. Working prisoners often want to send money to their families. The prison writes checks for them at other times - when they are released, or when they are transferring money from a prisoner's account to a child support recipient.