Friday, June 16, 2017

Dig-It Underground, Inc. ($DIGX), A Penny Stock Showing Record Profits Performance

When you hear of Penny Stocks, you always think of it as an after thought or lightly regarded. Well, I am here to shed light on a little, undiscovered penny stock. This stock came to my attention many years ago while trading penny stocks. Approximately four to five years ago, I bought it and sold it. Some how a few shares were left over in my account. From time to time, I would look at the ticker turning green but never paid it much attention until this year and decided to take another look at this stock. To my surprise, I discovered it's a profitable company.
Not only has this company been profitable, but it has for the past six quarters producing record profits, quarter over quarter. This is almost unheard of in the OTC Market. Companies producing profits are far and few between. It's quite rare to find one. I am happy to have found a profitable company in Dig-It Underground (DIGX).
Going forward I expect to see a rise in the performance of the stock price from such beaten down levels due to the negative sentiments received from some traders on message boards. They have made it their priority to drive the price down, either to ruin the company stock or in an effort to buy more shares to allow themselves to profit more when the stock price rebounds. Yesterday's action of volume surge could very well be a precursor of what's to come. Much exciting days are ahead for this little unknown profitable company. It's my hope and I very well expect to see this stock trading above a penny very soon.
Let's now focus on Who is Dig-It Underground(DIGX)? Business Description
Expressions Chiropractic & Rehab, PA and Expressions Property Limited, LP, our wholly owned subsidiaries, located in Dallas, Cedar Hill, and North Richland Hills, Texas currently operate three chiropractic and rehab centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Management has developed a business plan, which includes growth through the acquisition of existing chiropractic and rehabilitation centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex area.
Split Endings, our wholly owned subsidiary, is an Upscale Beauty Salon, located in Cedar Hill, Texas. Management has developed a business plan, which includes growth through the acquisition of privately owned salons andspas in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex area.
We are actively seeking out suitable mergers, acquisitions and/or joint ventures, which would enhance our company's value.

Contact Info. 18208 Preston Rd. Suite # D9365 Dallas, TX 75252

Website: Phone: 972-232-9489 Email:

Filings and Disclosure Click here

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer 2017 Big Ball Of Fire, Trifecta Stock Pick!

Summer is rapidly approaching once again, it's the time of year when most stock traders show up to trade with their A game on display. Here is my chance to put to test, my ability to pick a few winning stocks. I call it "Summer 2017 Big Ball Of Fire, Trifecta Stock Pick." My trifecta is $AZFL, $SVTE and $XTRN. These are three great stocks from my point of view, with an excellent share structure. Be sure to click on each stock symbol for an updated chart and quote. At the bottom of each stock section, you will find a compilation of due diligence of the given stock.

$AZFL the first, is currently trading around .0004, is a hemp farm, producing hemp in Colorado with it's first crop due to be harvested in August of this year.
Due diligence

Secondly is $SVTE, currently trading around .0009, a service center which produces freight trucks, shuttling goods in the trucking business. $XTRN is in the process of being bought out by $XREE, the deal should be finalized and currently awaiting announcement to the general public.
Due diligence
Dun & Bradstreet

$XTRN the last and perhaps the most promising of all, currently trading around .0009 as well. The X Train Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. is in the business of transporting travelers between Southern California and Las Vegas by traditional conventional rail. We plan to operate a single travel route marketed primarily to the leisure traveler from the Southern California basin enabling us to sell rail travel as a stand-alone operation bundled with hotel rooms and other travel related services.
Due diligence

In my opinion $XTRN has the greatest potential of the three stocks listed above, the potential is endless for the stock price due to the buyout offered and the sector of the market. Along with many other factors, I must say it has the potential of reaching a quarter cent a share on this news to come.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Epoxy Loyalty Rewards Card App For CBD/MMJ Dispensaries

Epoxy, the Loyalty rewards card App. is currently being used to purchase CBD products. First one being rolled out by "Thrive CBD", this app. allows customers to be rewarded when purchasing these products being offered by Thrive CBD with a discount.

The Epoxy Loyalty Rewards Card App. is better for business, known for its convenience, savings and reputation. There’s no “what if” only “what is”
What if your business was in your customers’ smartphone? What if they could give and receive gift cards instantly? What if you could individually reward their loyalty? Epoxy makes all of this possible, and more!

Epoxy’s equation for success.
By combining convenience, reputation, accountability and savings into one convenient app, businesses are quickly learning how well Epoxy can work for them. By listening to what customers want and recognizing what businesses need, we’ve created an app that gets the job done for everyone. To find out more about the Epoxy Loyalty Rewards Card App. you may contact the company via various avenues listed below. Start saving today by getting the app.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

$BLKG A Bitcoin Stock, Rapidly Trending Up

Today I will take the time to examine a Bitcoin stock, the name of this stock is "Black Stallion Gas and Oil ($BLKG). Black Stallion Oil and Gas (BLKG) has announced, it changed it's business model and is entering the lucrative Bitcoin business. BLKG is currently one of the few bitcoins stock trading today. The few that are trading are currently high in demand which will cause a rapid growth in the price of the stock. For more due diligence on this stock see $BLKG, filings cant be found here.
BLKG Security Details Share Structure Market Value1 $374,819 a/o May 31, 2017 Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Apr 24, 2017 Outstanding Shares 249,879,538 a/o May 07, 2017 -Restricted Not Available -Unrestricted Not Available Held at DTC Not Available Float 195,738,653 a/o Mar 31, 2017 Par Value Not Available Transfer Agent(s) Interwest Transfer Co., Inc. Shareholders Shareholders of Record 8 a/o May 08, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

Blue Diamonds Ventures, Inc. a little unknown Cannabis Company to Import MMJ to Canada

Here is a little Cannabis company, Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. about to import Israeli Cannabis Technology to Canada and many parts of the world. This company is an undiscovered gem and I ask you to explore it and share it with your friends. It's a ground breaking company and one of a few that will be importing the cutting edge highly regarded Israeli Cannabis technology. Israel is the worlds leader in Cannabis, by far the most sophisticated and most advanced Cannabis Technology. See todays NEWS. Also please explore a novice write up on $BLDV's evaluation.
A MUST SEE, updated Due Dilligence on $BLDV

Partnership with Eltron R & D

Interview with CEO Joshua Alper of Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Low Float Stock With Tremendous Potential

A specific stock has caught my attention over the past few days is DBMM. Digital Clarity trading under DBMM is a Media Company based out of NY and trading on the OTC Market. DBMM is currently seeking Mezzanine (non-equity) financing for the business. With two branches in Great Britain and one in NY, the company is currently working on it's financials to be published to the investing public.

DBMM Group crafts, designs and executes digital marketing strategies across multiple ad platforms and social media networks for a broad array of clients to help each of them establish a uniform brand identity across the digital universe. The product offering is a unique value proposition of intelligent analytics provided by an experienced digital marketing and technology team.

DBMM Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $372,859 a/o Jan 09, 2017
Authorized Shares 2,000,000,000 a/o Dec 12, 2016
Outstanding Shares 745,718,631 a/o Dec 12, 2016
-Restricted Not Available
-Unrestricted Not Available
Held at DTC Not Available
Float Not Available
Par Value Not Available

Contact Info. 747 Third Avenue New York, NY 10017
Phone: (646) 722-2706