Monday, June 5, 2017

Epoxy Loyalty Rewards Card App For CBD/MMJ Dispensaries

Epoxy, the Loyalty rewards card App. is currently being used to purchase CBD products. First one being rolled out by "Thrive CBD", this app. allows customers to be rewarded when purchasing these products being offered by Thrive CBD with a discount.

The Epoxy Loyalty Rewards Card App. is better for business, known for its convenience, savings and reputation. There’s no “what if” only “what is”
What if your business was in your customers’ smartphone? What if they could give and receive gift cards instantly? What if you could individually reward their loyalty? Epoxy makes all of this possible, and more!

Epoxy’s equation for success.
By combining convenience, reputation, accountability and savings into one convenient app, businesses are quickly learning how well Epoxy can work for them. By listening to what customers want and recognizing what businesses need, we’ve created an app that gets the job done for everyone. To find out more about the Epoxy Loyalty Rewards Card App. you may contact the company via various avenues listed below. Start saving today by getting the app.


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