Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer 2017 Big Ball Of Fire, Trifecta Stock Pick!

Summer is rapidly approaching once again, it's the time of year when most stock traders show up to trade with their A game on display. Here is my chance to put to test, my ability to pick a few winning stocks. I call it "Summer 2017 Big Ball Of Fire, Trifecta Stock Pick." My trifecta is $AZFL, $SVTE and $XTRN. These are three great stocks from my point of view, with an excellent share structure. Be sure to click on each stock symbol for an updated chart and quote. At the bottom of each stock section, you will find a compilation of due diligence of the given stock.

$AZFL the first, is currently trading around .0004, is a hemp farm, producing hemp in Colorado with it's first crop due to be harvested in August of this year.
Due diligence

Secondly is $SVTE, currently trading around .0009, a service center which produces freight trucks, shuttling goods in the trucking business. $XTRN is in the process of being bought out by $XREE, the deal should be finalized and currently awaiting announcement to the general public.
Due diligence
Dun & Bradstreet

$XTRN the last and perhaps the most promising of all, currently trading around .0009 as well. The X Train Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. is in the business of transporting travelers between Southern California and Las Vegas by traditional conventional rail. We plan to operate a single travel route marketed primarily to the leisure traveler from the Southern California basin enabling us to sell rail travel as a stand-alone operation bundled with hotel rooms and other travel related services.
Due diligence

In my opinion $XTRN has the greatest potential of the three stocks listed above, the potential is endless for the stock price due to the buyout offered and the sector of the market. Along with many other factors, I must say it has the potential of reaching a quarter cent a share on this news to come.

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