$VSYM, View Systems, Inc. Stock In The Spotlight

$VSYM stock is currently moving robustly ahead on anticipation of news being released this week. Do not miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. The stock hasapreviously one year high of.0042. There's a very strong possibility of this stock running over a penny on this rally given the strength, credibility and popularit of many good penny stocks. The way in which this stock is trading leads one to believe many traders are loading this stock in anticipation of a massive move. The chart is quite beautiful, it appears to be gathering steam for a strong move ahead after reviewing it tonight. Fundamentals win the day with this stock. It certainly has the trading volume, which shows strong interest in the stock. Then we have the 10-K that's overdue because of Covid-19. Extracted from Globe News Wire dated April 8, 2020: "Company President, John Campo, was issued an Import Permit on January 30, 2020 from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the import of t

Stock Picks For The Month Of May

We are back with some exciting stock picks for the month of May. Here are three wonderful stocks that we feel have an excellent chance to make a run in the month of May. $SESI @ .0205, is in the process of completing a CBD merger, all filings are currently being processed and almost completed. Once filings are done the merger closing should commence shortly thereafter. For more DD on $SESI please click on this link to view. With only 22.2 million shares in the trading float we expect this stock to perform very well. A buck per share would not surprise us at all. Lots of value here given its entering the hot, lucrative CBD market. This ticker makes an ideal and attractive vehicle for a company to use to go public. Take a look at $SESI real time stock chart. >/div> $SESI DD Compilation $FTXP @ .0003 is a diamond in the rough with a tremendous upside. They are currently diluting the stock, but once complete we can expect to see a run over a penny or perhaps multi pen

Tiger Reef, Inc. Stock ( $TGRR ) Looks To Make A Move

Tiger Reef, Inc. (OTC: TGRR) is a developer and operator of solar and clean renewable energy projects focused on reducing overall energy costs and the carbon footprint for Cannabidiol (CBD) producers and legalized marijuana growers. Tiger Reef also has developed a line of ultra-premium rums under the Tiger Reef brand. Click here for $TGRR security details.⤵️ #CBD #energy #SolarEnergy #CarbonFootPrint #cannabis

The 4 Less Group Inc. ($FLES) Stock In The Spotlight

The 4 Less Group Inc. CONTACT DETAILS 4580 N Rancho Dr #130 Las Vegas, NV 89130 (662) 510-5866 DESCRIPTION The 4Less Group, Inc. is dedicated to building its wholly-owned subsidiary The 4Less Corp Inc. into the premiere online market place for automotive specialty equipment parts and accessories. Headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada, The 4Less Corp is a fast growing, e-commerce, automotive specialty equipment parts and accessories company with highly targeted "niche" web sites created to offer consumers the best buying experience on the internet today. Utilizing unique content such as: how to videos, install directions and high impact photos has resulted in top SEO results for the company's manufacturer's products. 4Less drives brand awareness and sales by selling leading manufacturers products not only on their websites but in the largest market places in the world including Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Products ar

Sinister Labs Reverse Merger Into $IGEX Coming Soon

Sinister Labs AKA SinFit Nutrition will be reverse merging into $IGEX stock ticker imminently. TO BE CONTINUED...

Rejuvel Bio-Sciences NEWS, $NUUU

Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, NASA Technology Partner Announces Development of 3D Brightening Solution Click here to see NEWS ~~~> See news link here