Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EVDR A Monster On The Rise

EVDR @ .0026 is certainly a stock to reconed with. The chart is a screaming buy and sure looks to run over a penny on this run. News is expected by Friday of a merger deal. Let's hope it comes and depending on which company it is merging it we could go much higher or drop like a bat out of hell. I am hoping it's a good company so she can soar to the heavens. Only time will tell wit this stock.

EVDR, Some DD for newbies.....

*ASCC is sold, waiting on $5,000,000.00 in CASH, and a PR could be released anytime stating that they have the money in their account.
EVDR shares will be worth at least 0.01.
*Merger with gas company in Texas is moving forward, and can expect this to be done within one to four weeks.
*EVDR is a GOLDEN CROSS play. Very bullish chart with the "golden cross" wich happened a week ago. It confirms major changes of market direction...
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Golden Cross Pattern


TARGET PRICE $0.03- $0.05

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